Tonight, for the first time in many days, I sat and closed my eyes. Predictably, the first moments were an onslaught of thought, a mishmash of useless questions and information with important to-dos and should-have-dones that never quite saw the light of day. A swirling madhouse in my mind.

But I pressed on.

I refused to address the niggles that gnawed at me, looking to feast on my precious free time. One by one I squashed them mercilessly, spearing them with my deliberate ignorance, until finally … peace.

that wonderful space

where everything that mattered
a moment ago
is put in its rightful place

that wonderful choice
to tune out all the clatter
and all that you know
is list’ning for that small voice

And wouldn’t you know, a voice came; a beautiful lilt drifting through the darkness until it reached my ears and shattered my short-lived meditation:

“Hon, why on earth are you sitting in the dark? Is something wrong?”

Oh, well. At least I tried.


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