“Mosley’s Lover” starter

This is story starter 2 of 3 for this week’s Write Off.

Once you have read all three intros, please vote for the story you’d like me to finish next week. Thanks!

Sample of my playlist for “Mosley’s Lover”:

“Mosley’s Lover”

I’m in love with a woman who loves the idea that I’m in love with her. She’s never seen love from a man before—real love, the only kind I know—at least, not directed at her.

Trouble is, she doesn’t like me much.

For years, we’ve shared a lot in common; she knows this, she isn’t blind to it. She enjoys our time we share, our activities together, our coffee breaks when I stare and talk of how I feel about her. She laughs and rolls her eyes, or plays with her earrings if she wants me to continue. But she never reciprocates.

I wish she wouldn’t be so damn honest.

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